Succulent-themed gift items featuring my photos and artwork are available at my Zazzle store: calendars, mugs, indoor and outdoor throw pillows, posters, stretched canvas prints, serving trays, T-shirts, holiday greeting cards, note cards, postage stamps, mouse pads, name tags, wrapping paper, and more.

My calendar is my most popular item, after my books!

My calendar is my most popular gift item, after my books!

Never pay full price at Zazzle. They charge too much! I use them because their production values are high and there’s no overhead, leaving me free to paint and design. (I receive 10%.)  Zazzle doesn’t make it easy to pass along discounts, but here’s a 20%-off code to copy-and-paste when you order: ZMJSMTCNHIZJUXKGHOBW (expires Jan. 31, 2017). Regularly $22.


Agave victoriae-reginae

Stretched canvas wall art piece by Debra Lee Baldwin

Queen Victoria agave, above, illustrates the exquisite symmetry of succulents. Zazzle offers a variety of sizes of my stretched canvas prints, starting at about $75. (I know. Too much. See my comment above about never paying full price when buying from Zazzle!)

Below are some of my online shopping discoveries. Enjoy! 

Decorative items depicting succulents are trending on the home and garden scene. Someday soon, succulent rosettes may replace traditional florals on fabric, paper, jewelry and more. In fact, they already are. A few examples…

Succulent socks Made of cotton, nylon and spandex, these cute and colorful socks offer a whimsical approach to succulent chic. One size fits all. Around $10.

succulent socks

Why not stuff a stocking with stockings?

Succulent Throw Pillows  You know those throw pillows you’re tired of? Give them—and your sofa—a facelift with your favorite succulents. Made of cotton blend linen, each of these 18 x 18-inch pillow covers has a hidden zipper. Stuff an old throw pillow into one, zip it up, and voila: you’ve repurposed a boring pillow into one you adore. Best of all, these cost only $8 apiece and come in six appealing designs.

Succulent pillow covers

Succulent pillow covers update your existing 18×18 throw pillows and have concealed zippers

Succulent shower curtain  Enhance a guest bath or jazz up your own. This colorful watercolor of a sunlit echeveria pairs beautifully with towels in the same rainbow hues. Size 66 x 72 inches, polyester, curtain hooks included. A wonderful conversation piece. Around $30.

This design is also available as place mats. 

Succulent bath decor

Let it rain! Brighten your bath with an echeveria shower curtain

***Debra Predicts***

We’ll see stylized succulents more and more in jewelry, tile, mosaic, scarves, wrapping paper, buttons, place mats, gift bags, coasters, napkins, pillows, and upholstery.

Consider: Florals have graced paper and fabric for centuries, appearing on everything from wallpaper to pajamas. Why not succulents?

When depicted in two dimensions, the difference between a succulent rosette and a flower is the center. Succulents have emerging leaves; roses, tiny overlapping petals. Flowers also have a central disk (pistil). Moreover, succulent leaves are thicker than petals. Rosettes may crowd together in a hens-and-chicks fashion, send forth flowers themselves, and seldom have long, slender stems.

Why not create your own succulent-embellished items? Start with one of the 75 line drawings in my coloring book, Sensational Succulents. 

Succulent decor items

Copper pendant by jewelry artist Kathaleen Oxford,

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Check back! More to come. And do let me know if you run across an especially lovely succulent-themed home, garden or gift item! ~ Debra