How to make succulent arrangements

In my online class, Stunning Succulent Arrangements, I’ll show you how to create beautiful compositions suitable for gifts, patio decor, indoor display and more. You become a member of a virtual classroom in which you view other students’ designs; read Q&As and ask your own; take the class whenever and wherever you like; and can pause and repeat any part of it. It’s a terrific group! This link entitles you to 50% off the regular enrollment price of $40. 

[blockquote color=”#666666″ border_color=”#47c5ff” bg_color=”#F6F6F6″]”Extremely well done with lots of great information!”

— Cassidy Tuttle, author, The Idiot’s Guide to Succulents


My own YouTube channel dedicated to succulent plants and succulent design has over 10,000 subscribers and 2,500,000 views. Recent favorites and popular releases are below.

Plant a Birdbath with Succulents

Several dozen succulents fill a 4″-deep bird bath basin, and the height of the arrangement is as wide as the basin—18″. The secret is to stack root balls to create a semi-spherical mound.

How to Refresh an Overgrown Succulent Garden

How to prune succulents

I show the progression of part of my succulent garden, from initial planting through refreshing and replanting, over five years. You’ll find out how to cut back overgrown succulents, prepare the soil, and how to keep a succulent garden looking its best. You’ll also see dramatic seasonal changes as plants change color and come into bloom!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Century Plants (Agave americana)

Debra Lee Baldwin's agave

Using my own giant Agave americana (century plant) as an example, I explain why this silvery-blue behemoth is both terrific and terrible. Before you let an agave pup loose in your garden, watch this!

 Six Great Agaves for Your Garden

Expert advice on agaves for gardens

The ideal agave, In addition to low-water and low-maintenance, won’t get too large, has beautiful lines or variegations, doesn’t produce a slew of offsets, is easy to garden around, and isn’t a view-blocker. Renowned agave hybridizer Kelly Griffin (succulent plant development manager at Altman Plants) shows six great agaves for gardens large and small, and shares expert tips on agave care and cultivation.


Oh No! Something’s Wrong with my Succulent!

Oh No! Something's Wrong with My Succulent!

When a succulent isn’t looking right, you may wonder if you’ve done something wrong. Find out symptoms, causes, severity, prevention, and treatments for 27 common succulent concerns.


How to Pair Succulents with Colorful Containers

Designing with succulents in pots

Succulents in chartreuse pots? Sure! See vivid container pairings in my presentation at Weidner’s Gardens nursery.


How to Make a Mini Succulent High Desert Garden

How to Make a Mini Succulent High Desert Garden

Watch as I create the container garden shown in the spring, 2016 issue of Garden Design magazine.


How to Refresh a Succulent Hanging Basket

How to plant hanging baskets of succulents

Several messy, overgrown hanging baskets of succulents get a makeover as I prune, remove, clean and refurbish existing plants and add fascinating new ones.



See more on my YouTube channel dedicated to succulents and design!


Questions about succulents or their care and cultivation? Visit my information on succulents and Succulent FAQs  pages.