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Succulent mandala

Why are Coloring Books for Adults so Popular?

I assumed that the stress-reducing properties attributed to coloring were overstated until, at the Succulent Celebration, I met a therapist who told me she recommends coloring to patients recovering from traumatic loss. “When your right brain is engaged,” she said, “your left brain is free to process data and solve problems.” I recalled that when devastated by a loss, I had stayed up all night doing a jigsaw puzzle. Creating order from chaos helped me corral my thoughts. She said that not only are coloring books more handy than jigsaw puzzles, the creative aspect of coloring is empowering because “you’re in charge of the outcome.”

Succulent mandala

A succulent mandala colored by Susi Torre-Bueno

Doubtless we’ll see more people coloring in airports, hospitals—maybe even the DMV—and wherever empty, uneasy hours are the norm. (After all, there’s only so much texting a person can do.)

Coloring mandalas is especially soothing, and Sensational Succulents has ten—including the one shown above.

Succulent coloring book

Want to see how the spiral in the center of a medusa euphorbia looks in blue, red and orange? Go for it!

Find out more in my earlier post: Announcing My New Succulent Coloring Book! 

Sensational Succulents

Amazing shapes and magical patterns

“What could be better inspiration for artists than the intricate rosettes and fractal-like patterns found in so many succulents? They are vividly-colored and have varied gradations in tone, making them an ideal subject for that grownup coloring trend I’ve come to love. Sensational Succulents, a new coloring book from the queen of succulents Debra Lee Baldwin and illustrated by Laura Serra, has 75 images from Debra’s books that have been transformed into line drawings, ready for you to color. The paper is thick, and unlike many coloring books which have so many lines that it’s hard to do anything freehand, the outlines of the succulents give just enough room for us to take some artistic license in shading. She even has instructions on her website for transferring the illustrations to watercolor paper, if you want to get creative in another medium.” — Genevieve Schmidt, North Coast Journal (Northern CA)