This gallery of succulent-topped pumpkin design ideas are mostly by Laura Eubanks of Design for Serenity, who pioneered the concept in 2011. It caught on immediately, becoming as popular for fall decor as wreaths are for the holidays. After several years of making pumpkins for sale, Laura now devotes her time to designing in-ground gardens.

Laura Eubanks during a photo shoot for Country Gardens magazine

Pumpkin How-To

Succulent-topped pumpkins by Laura exhibit her pioneering moss-and-glue method, which I describe in detail in my book, Succulents Simplified. Laura and I also made this video that shows how she does it.

Basically, Laura coats the top of the pumpkin with spray glue, adds moss, then hot-glues succulent cuttings and seed pods to the moss. Incredibly, the hot glue doesn't harm the succulents, which root through the dried glue into the moss. The arrangement lasts for months---until early spring usually, at which time the pumpkin finally collapses and the plants can go into the garden. The pumpkin will rot much sooner if pierced or cut, so avoid doing that.

Designs to inspire you

Here are some examples to help you create your own designs. Have fun!

The first nine are by Laura Eubanks:


This may be my favorite, despite not including succulents!

Additional ideas (various designers):


I'll post more pumpkin photos as I run across interesting, eye-catching and innovative ones, so be sure to check back. -- Debra

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Mountain Crest Gardens

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