A book plate creates a very special signed copy!

Book plates are autographed and personalized, peel-and-stick labels that go inside a book's cover. Mine have my publisher's logo and my own artwork.

Above: A book plate is a peel-and-stick label that goes inside a book's cover, making it a signed copy.


Book plates are $2.50/each (free to members of my newsletter community)*, payable to Sunwriter7@cox.net via PayPal. On the transaction page, where it says "Add a note," type the recipient's first name. Important: Include the address you want the book plate/s mailed to.


*For newsletter subscribers, I'm happy to waive the $2.50/each cost of book plates.

In a Nutshell:

  • Select and order book/s. 
  • Join my "Celebrating the Joy of Succulents" newsletter community via the form on my Home page.
  • Email me the first name of each recipient and the address you want the book plate/s sent to.

Why Don't I Just Sign Books and Mail Them?

I don’t sell and ship my books myself because Amazon does it better. Btw, when you go through my website to order my books, I receive an affiliate fee at no extra cost to you.

If You Already Own my Books...

You can order signed and personalized book plates for yourself. However, to defray costs (there are a lot of you out there!), I do request an SASE (stamped, self-addressed envelope).

Many thanks,
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