How to Fertilize Succulents


Feeding succulents at the right time and with the right fertilizer will enhance the plants' health and vigor. Here are answers to your FAQs.


VIDEO: How to Fertilize Succulents

Note: Annie Haven's manure tea is no longer available. Substitute dilute fish emulsion



--  Balanced, all-purpose granulated fertilizers for in-ground gardens

-- Fish emulsion for potted succulents

-- Slow-release granular fertilizer to add to potting soil: Osmocote Plus

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Succulents benefit from pumice

Soil and Amendments for Succulents

Soil & Amendments for Succulents Why pumice is the ideal soil amendment for succulents Debra’s Simple Soil Formula for Succulents Please don’t stress over soil. I’ve seen succulents thriving in pots filled with garden soil so hard a ball would bounce on it, and at a nursery in soil so rich in peat that moss…

Tools, Books and Products for Succulent Gardeners

Tools & Must-Haves for Succulent Gardeners My personal favorites The tools, books and products for succulent gardeners shown here are among my personal favorites. I update this list when I run across something I’m excited about and want to share. If there’s an item you’re looking for or would like to recommend, or a link that’s…