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Here you'll find excerpts and links to a few of many media articles and interviews in which Debra Lee Baldwin is featured and quoted as an expert on succulents and their design uses. Included are book reviews, radio, podcasts, TV news, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, KPBS, and more.

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"Debra's passion and expertise are unsurpassed in the world of succulents. She demystifies these plants so you can grow, collect and create with confidence. I recommend Designing with Succulents to all of my followers and colleagues. It's my go-to resource for inspiration and information. Everything you need to know about succulent design and care is covered, whether you're a hobbyist or a professional designer." 

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Landscape Designer, Design for Serenity

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My Succulent Podcast with a British Nurseryman

Recently I did a succulent podcast with British nurseryman Alan Lodge of Newlands Nursery. We were on opposite sides of the planet, but we chatted as though in the same room. Alan hosts weekly podcasts with international gardening experts.

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