My photos of agaves are identified according to genus and species, and sometimes common names. (I’m not a big fan of common names, which can vary from region to region and grower to grower.)

Agaves are rosette-shaped succulents native to the Americas. There are dozens of species of Agave, including many that are small and well suited to containers. Agave victoria-reginae is a favorite; it grows to the size of a soccer ball over time. With the notable exception of Agave attenuata, most agaves tolerate temperatures into the mid-20s F; some—such as Agave parryi ‘Truncata’ shown below—go much lower.

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I have other pages with photos of succulents by genus (see list at bottom).  If you think I’ve ID’d these or any plants incorrectly, I definitely want to know. Please leave a comment or email me. Enjoy exploring this marvelous genus! — Debra Lee Baldwin

Agave americana Agave americana 'Marginata'
Agave americana 'Mediopicta Alba' Agave angustifolia 'Marginata'
Agave attenuata
Agave attenuata, variegated Agave attenuata 'Kara's Stripes' Agave 'Blue Glow' Agave bovicornuta Agave bracteosa Agave bracteosa, variegated Agave celsii Agave celsii 'Nova Soledad'

Agave colorata & Senecio mandraliscae
Agave 'Cornelius' Agave 'Cream Spike' Agave desmettiana
Agave desmettiana 'Variegata' Agave 'Joe Hoak' Agave ferox Agave ferdinandi-regis Agave filifera Agave franzosinii Agave geminiflora Agave gentryi 'Jaws' Agave guiengola Agave gypsophila
Agave 'Kichijokan' Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor'
Agave macroacantha Agave multifilifera Agave parryi var truncata
Agave potatorum Agave 'Sharkskin'

Agave 'Streaker'

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