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As the proud author of three bestselling books about succulents, I provide timely, information-packed tips on showcasing succulent plants in gardens, pots and projects. Use the SEARCH bar or simply browse! ~ Debra Lee Baldwin 

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Discover how to plan and design lovely, carefree succulent gardens in containers or in the landscape. Also in the menu under Design you'll find firewise landscaping info, DIY gifts and projects and holiday decorating ideas - all showcasing succulents.

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In the Succulent Info menu I answer your Qs about growing, caring for and propagating succulents. Under Varieties, see hundreds of labeled photos of those I recommend. Also learn how to water, fertilize, control pests and diseases, overwinter succulents, and grow them indoors and by season and region

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Wondering where to find and purchase top-quality succulents? Which tools, books and supplies you need? It's all here under Resources, along with nurseries, public gardens and destinations in America's finest succulent city (San Diego) and beyond.

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Succulent Updates From the Blog

Mail order succulents

Where do YOU shop for succulents?

Where do YOU shop for succulents? See fellow succulent lovers' favorite sources---both mail-order and walk-in---below, and add yours in a comment too! Above: Waterwise Botanicals north of San Diego is a premier source of landscape succulents and hosts a two-day ...
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Mycoplasma on echeveria

Succulent Pests, Skunks and More

Are pests or mysterious maladies causing problems with your succulents? To help, I show 30+ succulent problems to watch for on my site's Succulent Plant Pests, Diseases and Problems resource page. For each I show a photo, explain the severity (from ...
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Floral style succulent arrangement

150 Ideas for Pots of Rosette Succulents

Enjoy and find inspiration in my gallery of 150+ floral-style potted arrangements featuring rosette succulents. Each is a living bouquet! All have in common the lush, colorful look of flower arrangements, but consist of rooted succulents with floral shapes---like echeverias, ...
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Full sun summer succulent arrangement

Plant a Pot with Colorful Rosette Succulents

  It's super easy to plant a pot with colorful rosette succulents that makes guests gasp when they see it. I call such bouquet-like combinations "floral style arrangements." One sure-fire way to make them appealing is to combine succulents that are similar ...
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Jeanne Meadow in her succulent garden

What’s Surprising about Jeanne Meadow, America’s Succulent Sweetheart

You've probably noticed that Jeanne Meadow, "America's Succulent Sweetheart," is magic on camera. She delights in sharing her garden and showing succulents in creative plant-pot pairings. My YouTube channel's 12 "Jeanne" videos have had 134,400 views; short ones on Instagram, around ...
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How, why to grow barrel cactus

Why Your Garden Needs Golden Barrels

Chances are you've seen golden barrel cactus in professionally designed succulent gardens, but you've hesitated to add it to yours. Here's why you should, and how to keep the plants happy. But first a reassurance: Yes it's spiny, but the ...
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