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Success With Succulents

Accurate, expert information for lovers of succulent plants

As the proud author of three bestselling books about succulents, I provide timely, information-packed tips on showcasing succulent plants in gardens, pots and projects. Use the SEARCH bar or simply browse! ~ Debra Lee Baldwin 

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Discover how to plan and design lovely, carefree succulent gardens in containers or in the landscape. Also in the menu under Design you'll find firewise landscaping info, DIY gifts and projects and holiday decorating ideas - all showcasing succulents.

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In the Succulent Info menu I answer your Qs about growing, caring for and propagating succulents. Under Varieties, see hundreds of labeled photos of those I recommend. Also learn how to water, fertilize, control pests and diseases, overwinter succulents, and grow them indoors and by season and region

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Wondering where to find and purchase top-quality succulents? Which tools, books and supplies you need? It's all here under Resources, along with nurseries, public gardens and destinations in America's finest succulent city (San Diego) and beyond.

Free Succulent Resource

Debra's 7 best succulents

In this free PDF exclusively for subscribers to my "Celebrating the Joy of Succulents" newsletter, you'll learn the 7 best easy-care succulents that thrive in pots and landscapes. Whether you're new to growing succulents or an experienced succulent "parent", you'll love these 7 beautiful plants!

Succulent Updates From the Blog

Ariocarpus, CA Cactus Center

Can You Grow Ariocarpus?

Ariocarpus retusus It's autumn and the ariocarpus are in bloom. Typical of cacti, they do it spectacularly. But atypical of cacti, ariocarpus are not easy to grow. Unless you live in Texas or northern Mexico, forget about growing them out ...
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Agave flower spike in the wind

Wind and Your Succulents

Succulents by and large withstand high winds. However, those with delicate leaves, thin skins, and leaves that pop off easily are at risk of impact damage. Dasylirion longissimum. See the video.  Wind lovers Certain succulents seem made for wind. Dasylirion ...
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Agave 'Snow Glow'

Super Fall Succulents

It's been challenging to pick plants for my "Super Succulents for Your Garden" presentation this Sat., Oct. 12, at Laguna Beach's Smartscape Expo (306 Third St., 8 to 2). There are so many possibilities! Those plants that made the final cut look ...
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2020 Succulent Calendar

My Succulents 2020 Calendar

Click Here to Order Now Available! Many thanks to my "Celebrating the Joy of Succulents" newsletter subscribers who voted for their favorite Succulents 2020 Calendar images and made suggestions for improving others. Btw, I don't sell calendars myself---Zazzle does, and ...
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Autumn succulent arrangement

Ten Autumn Succulent Must-Do’s

You're aware of autumn in sun and shadows, shorter days and drier air, and so is your garden. Smart plant parents are attuned to wind, rain and frost. And they're vigilant. Succulents recovering from summer heat and sun are especially vulnerable to pests. These ...
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Snail on cactus

Prepare Your Succulents for Rainstorms

During rainy weather, succulents, which come from arid climates, may rot. Stems or trunks turn squishy and collapse. See my YouTube video: The Squish Test for Succulents (3:36) If there's healthy top growth, take cuttings well above the rot and ...
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For answers to the most common questions about succulents, from watering to propagation to soil amendments, check out Debra's Succulent Q&A.

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