Stunning Succulent Arrangements

An Online Class by Succulent Expert Debra Lee Baldwin

My succulent design class, Stunning Succulent Arrangements, brings you the highest quality online learning at an extremely reasonable price. I'm proud that its success has been outstanding in the US and beyond. My partner in this endeavor, Craftsy (aka Bluprint) spent upwards of $15,000 to develop and film the 7-session class. To create Stunning Succulent Arrangements, a five-person crew transformed my home and garden into a film studio. I'm eager for you to see the results, and I'm confident you'll enjoy being my student!

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  • 7 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers to student questions from instructor, Debra Lee Baldwin
  • Closed captioning available (web only)


Renowned succulent expert Debra Lee Baldwin shares the secrets to caring for these low-maintenance plants and explains why they lend themselves well to container arrangements.

First, create a color wheel container composition and stress your plants to reveal beautiful hues. Then, make a gorgeous floral-style arrangement and add dimension and interest to your piece.

Do you only have shade to give your succulents? Choose plants that thrive in low-light areas and learn how to care for their unique needs.

Next, create a terrarium arrangement that’s straight from the pages of your favorite magazine! Debra shows you how to care for succulents in no-drain containers and add colored sand and pebbles for a special touch.

Moving on, learn how to create a show-stopping succulent bouquet and never settle for ho-hum table decor again with this gorgeous centerpiece. Plus, attach succulents onto a wreath for beautiful door decor— the perfect way to greet guests!

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Debra Lee Baldwin Craftsy Review

"The chance to take an affordable course from an expert doesn’t come along often. But if you’re interested in learning more about creating beautiful succulent arrangements, you’re in luck: You can learn from Debra Lee Baldwin, the queen of succulents." -- Garden Design magazine


1. Succulent Starter Information 29:37

Meet your instructor, Debra Lee Baldwin, as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of succulents. Debra explains how succulent plants grow and propagate, and demonstrates how to trim sections off without harming the plant. Next, she shares basic design ideas for potting beautiful single-plant containers.

2. Color Wheel 22:20

Discover the range of color and value that succulents offer as you create a beautiful color wheel container arrangement with Debra's expert guidance. You'll learn how plants can be stressed (depriving them of optimal growing conditions) in order to bring out different hues such as pink or yellow that you wish to add to your designs. Next, consider different arrangements that group plants according to color and value.

3. Floral-Style Arrangement 12:27

Create beautiful arrangements that resemble flower bouquets, using various plant shapes and heights to create dimension. Debra shares traditional and unusual container ideas as she demonstrates techniques for planting gorgeous floral-style arrangements.

4. Low-Light Composition 22:02

Succulents often thrive on access to lots of sunlight, but Debra has helpful tips for selecting plants that thrive in low-light areas such as patios or inside the home. Explore plant-care techniques as you become more familiar with the variety of plant textures that you can choose from, ranging from beautiful flowering plants to succulents with variegated leaves and much more.

5. Terrariums 33:08

Transform ordinary arrangements into magical microcosms as Debra shows you how to plant succulents in glass terrariums. Discover how to care for plants in containers that don't drain water. Then add flair with colored sand and glass pebbles for additional interest. For a fun surprise, you can also add figurines and thematic elements to create a delightful miniature scene in your terrarium.

6. Bouquet 28:34

Try a new design idea as you create stunning, unique floral bouquets. Debra shares tips from professional florists that entail wrapping your plant stems in flexible wire and floral tape. Next, arrange your bouquet in a beautiful vase or jar to show off the rose-like blooms and sculptural petals. The final product provides a perfect gift or centerpiece for a special event.

7. Wreaths 26:28

Succulents don't have to be confined to pots, planters or yards; they can make surprising additions to wreaths as well! Debra shares her method for creating beautiful mossy wreaths that are dotted with a variety of plant cuttings, buds and more. You'll finish the class with dozens of new ideas for arrangements that can be used all around your yard and home, in addition to knowing how to keep your succulents healthy and thriving!

Gallery of class projects 

Materials and suggested sources

Glass globe, 6-inch

Glass fish bowl, 1-gal.

Colorful succulents (with roots)

Colorful succulents (cuttings)


Haworthias for low-light arrangements and undersea-themed terrarium

Kalanchoes for wreath

Sansevierias for low-light arrangements

Grapevine wreath

Terracotta pot saucer: Any garden center

Glass marbles, 1/2-inch diameter

Crushed tumbled colored glass

Colored sand

Glass fish (wine charms)

Floral supplies (wire, pins, tape, flat marbles): Any craft store, like Michael's

Where to find top dressings online

Suggested Sources

Most of the plant links go to Mountain Crest Gardens.
Two more excellent sources:


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