Holiday Decorating Ideas

Use succulents to add fun and flair to your fall-winter decor.

See outstanding succulent Christmas trees, succulent-topped pumpkins, cornucopias, wreaths, and gifts. For outdoors, there are decorated agaves and succulents aglow with fairy lights. 

Holiday Succulent PROJECTS, Videos

When you think of holiday decorating with succulents, wreaths doubtless come to mind. They’ve been around for decades, long before succulents went mainstream. But oh, my, there are so many different kinds of succulent wreaths! Moreover, the same concept—planting cuttings in a moss-filled wire form—translates into other shapes too, including cones that resemble Christmas trees.

An outstanding online supplier of rosette succulents for these projects is Mountain Crest Gardens.

Make a Succulent Wreath, Step-By-Step

Make a Succulent Wreath, Step-by-Step UPDATE: SEE THE COMMENTS if you’re using small rooted succulents.  Succulent wreaths have been popular for decades. Follow these simple instructions to make a succulent wreath, and you’ll find out why. No soil needed! I recommend making a soil-less succulent wreath because soil is messy, heavy, dries out quickly, and—surprisingly—isn’t…

Make a Succulent Cornucopia

[With Video] A succulent cornucopia makes a refreshing update on the traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece, and then after the holiday, you can remove the plants and pot them.  As early as midsummer, craft stores begin stocking holiday containers like this wicker cornucopia

Cactus decorated with lights

Decorate a Cactus with Holiday Lights, Step-by-Step

A Ferocactus in a gold-painted, terra-cotta pot glows with mini lights Inspired by my friend Sabine’s holiday succulent garden, I decided to light up a succulent of my own. The resulting potted Ferocactus glaucescens is the holiday centerpiece for a patio table visible from my kitchen and dining room. The plant’s translucent spines glow when light…

Succulent Christmas Tree Holiday Centerpiece

[With Video] Make a succulent Christmas tree for your holiday tabletop centerpiece. This topiary cone with cuttings inserted into the moss needs less care than a floral arrangement and lasts much longer.

Succulent lantern with Portulacaria afra 'Variegata' (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Plant a Succulent Lantern

[With Video] Candle lanterns make lovely containers for succulents. Plant the succulents in a small pot and tuck it into the lantern, or if the lantern can hold soil, plant directly into it. Most aren’t watertight—a good thing, because when you water the succulents, the lantern will drain (leak).

Cactus cupcakes video

Cactus Cupcakes, Materials and Links

[With Video] The materials and resources listed below go with my Cactus Cupcakes video on YouTube. The cacti are Echinopsis ssp. ‘Domino Cactus.’ Have fun! Debra

Make a Succulent Mug Gift Bouquet

Make a succulent mug gift bouquet the next time you need a little something for a friend or hostess. This transcends the traditional flower-stand bouquet and has utility long afterwards. 

Succulent Wreath Tips and Ideas

Do you like the succulent wreath that my friend Denise made during a wreath party at my home? To create a similar one, you’ll need about 100 cuttings, a wire wreath form, 24-gauge florist’s wire, a chopstick, and a bag of sphagnum moss. The form, moss and wire are available at any craft store. Cuttings will root right…

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Decorate Your Succulent Garden With Lights (1:16)

Sabine's succulent garden looks magical decorated with holiday lights. You'll love her fresh way of showcasing popular varieties. Easy, too!


12 Days of Cactus (3:50)

Enhance your holidays with succulents set to music! While your TV ( iPad, etc.) plays the "12 Days of Christmas," one lovely image after another scrolls across the screen. Discover how certain cacti - amazingly - resemble snowflakes. I had some fun with the lyrics, too. Enjoy!