Also new on my YouTube channel: Jeanne Meadow Pairs Art Pots with Succulents and Summer Care for Succulents 

Succulents, Shells and Summer:
My potting demo at Roger’s Gardens

New Roger’s Gardens potting-demo video! In “Succulents, Shells and Summer” (23:30), I create a trio of sea-themed containers perfect for a patio.

My article of the same title takes you behind the scenes: “When I arrived at Roger’s Gardens (the largest independently owned garden center on the West Coast) at 8 a.m., I hit the ground running. Roger’s is a 75-minute drive from my home, and I was scheduled to go on at 9 a.m. Did I mention I’m not a morning person? Or that I had only a vague idea how I was going to “wow” a packed house?” [Read more]

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Yippee! It’s Almost Here!

I’m proud to announce the 10th anniversary, second edition of the book that launched global interest in succulents: Designing with Succulents. Illustrated with 400 gorgeous photos, this edition is basically a brand new book. It encapsulates the essentials of the original along with a decade’s worth of appealing and innovative ideas. This is THE book on how to select, care for, and combine hundreds of varieties of succulents and companion plants to create eye-catching, easy-care gardens large and small. Pre-order now. Ships August 27. 


Portrait of Debra Lee Baldwin by Saxon Holt

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