There are dozens of species of Aloe, from tall trees to dwarf cultivars that grow no larger than a tennis ball. I took the photographs shown here in nurseries and residential and public gardens in southern and coastal California. Aloes flower mainly in winter, but there’s at least one variety in bloom at any time of the year. Many thanks to Brian Kemble of the Ruth Bancroft Garden for checking my IDs. Scroll to the end to see those we couldn’t quite figure out, and do let me know if you recognize them. You’re welcome to copy and use any of these providing the watermark is intact. Enjoy! — Debra Lee Baldwin

But first, for an eye-candy indulgence, watch my 3-min. video of “Spectacular Aloes in Flower” at a Southern CA nursery in January. Truly a WOW!


Aloe aculeata in bud Aloe africana Aloe africana_450x300 Aloe alooides_82KB  Aloe arborescensIMG_4788_annotated_resized Aloe arborescens, variegated Aloe arborescens 'Lutea' Aloe brevifolia Aloe buhrii IMG_5387_annotated_650 IMG_5432_annotated Aloe camperi Aloe capitataIMG_6058_annotated_resized Aloe castanea (cat's tail aloe) Aloe chabaudii_450x300 Aloe ciliaris Aloe dichotoma Aloe dichotoma Aloe distans Aloe dolomitica  Aloe dorotheae in bud Aloe elgonica Aloe elgonica, stressed_450x300 Aloe excelsa Aloe ferox, green_113KB Aloe ferox_resized Aloe ferox_92KB  Aloe harlana Aloe hereroensis_resized Aloe humilis Aloe juvenna Aloe karasbergensis Aloe kedongensis Aloe maculata, resized IMG_2112_annotated_resized  IMG_5222_annotated_450 Aloe microstigma Aloe mitriformis Aloe mutabilis IMG_0325_annotated_450 Aloe peglerae hybrid_resizedAloe peglerae640x400 Aloe petricola Aloe plicatilis Aloe pluridens Aloe polyphylla (sprial aloe) Aloe rubroviolacea Aloe rupestris (bottlebrush aloe) Aloe sabaea_resized Aloe striata hybrid Aloe striata (Coral aloe) Aloe succotrina Aloe suprafoliata IMG_9415_annotated_resized Aloe tauri in bud Aloe taurii Aloe thraskii Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) IMG_5369_annotated_450 Aloe vanbalenii450x300 Aloe vaombe Aloe variegata

Named cultivars

Aloe 'Blizzard' Aloe 'Blue Elf' Aloe x 'Cynthia Giddy' Aloe x 'David Verity' Aloe x 'David's Ladder' Aloe 'Fire Ranch' Aloe 'Flame Thrower' Aloe 'Grassy Lassie' Aloe 'Moondance' Aloe 'Pink Blush'

Aloe ‘Rooikappie’

Aloe license_annotated_450

IDs needed! Please email me or leave a comment below if you know them. Thanks!

IMG_5357resized, annotated