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Discover how to plan and design lovely, carefree succulent gardens in containers and in the ground. Also under Design you'll find firewise landscaping info, DIY gifts and projects, and holiday decorating ideas - all beautifully showcasing succulents.

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Get expert advice on growing, caring for and propagating succulents. Find out how to water, fertilize, control pests and diseases, overwinter succulents, grow them indoors, and by season and region. Under Varieties, view hundreds of labeled photos of easy-care kinds. 

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Wondering where to find and purchase top-quality succulents? Which tools, books and supplies you need? It's all here under Resources, along with nurseries, public gardens and destinations in America's finest succulent city (San Diego) and beyond.

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Succulent Updates and Articles

Debra Lee Baldwin (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

May 11 2021

Twelve Common Succulent Landscape Mistakes 

As a succulent garden consultant, I often see these common landscaping mistakes. Correcting them is usually simple and makes a big difference. Do any apply to you? If not, applause! Do share your own
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Hanging succulent globes (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Apr 29 2021

Visit Pigment, San Diego’s Chic Succulent Boutique

See Pigment's simple-but-sophisticated pots that frame succulents perfectly. Colors range from intense hues to white, cream and pastels. Many customers are young professionals living in apartments and condos with no space for gardening. Succulents are their pets,
Read More
Succulents in hedgehog pot (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Apr 19 2021

Potted Succulent Tips and Hacks

Garden Gate shows ten of my tips and hacks for potted succulents. However, the magazine didn't have room for all the ideas I sent. So, for your enjoyment and edification, here are the rest.
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Kalanchoe prolifera (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Apr 18 2021

Succulents for Hawaii, Florida, Tropics

Will succulents grow in tropical climates like Hawaii and Florida? You might assume so, considering succulents like the same conditions we do when on vacation: Plenty of sunshine, not too hot, breezy and balmy. However,
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Personal succulent shopper (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Apr 10 2021

Succulent Live Streaming: Find or Become a Succulent Personal Shopper

In real time, via live streaming, a succulent personal shopper shows clients what's new, interesting, seasonal and in limited supply. As you direct her from your device
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Lampranthus aurantiacus, Drosanthemum floribundum (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Apr 5 2021

Succulent Ice Plants, Gallery and Video

The brilliantly beautiful succulent ice plants you'll see in my new page and video thrive in Zones 8-11. They come in eye-popping hues of purple, pink, lavender, rose-red, bright red, gold, orange and yellow.
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Crassula falcata variegated (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Mar 21 2021

Rojas Succulents Nursery Tour

If you're looking for a great succulent nursery to tour, head for family-owned Rojas Succulents on 1-1/2 acres in Fallbrook, CA. They do everything right. Superb plant material ranges from garden succulents to collectible rarities, including unusual variegates (striped or multicolored leaves).
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Aloe leaf cut open (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Mar 11 2021

What Makes Succulents SUCCULENT?

Become a better plant parent by learning the "how's" and "why's" of these lovable chubby plants. Discover what makes succulents so efficient. Slicing and squishing may seem unkind, but be assured there's method to my madness.
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Cactus vs Euphorbia (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Feb 28 2021

Euphorbia or Cactus? How to Tell

How can you tell a spiny euphorbia from a cactus? Observe key characteristics: the type of spines, flowers and leaves (or lack thereof). As I compiled my site's new Euphorbia page, I happily acquired the ability to tell at a glance which is which. Sure, you can scratch a plant, and if it drips milky sap, it's
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Lauraine's boxes, AFTER

Feb 16 2021

Vinyl Wraps Make Utility Boxes Succulent Artworks

Watch photographer Lee Sie wrap a utility box with laminated vinyl, transforming it from ugly to lovely. Succulents are a favorite because their geometric patterns work from any perspective. Lee explains the benefits of wrapping versus painting utility boxes. The power company loves it because taggers leave wrapped boxes alone.
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Kelly Griffin dwarf aloes

Jan 26 2021

Kelly Griffin Collectors’ Group

If you're into aloes, you're probably aware of highly collectible Kelly Griffin hybrids. Kelly, a premier plant breeder, is responsible for dozens of cultivars in the commercial marketplace. Naturally he has a following
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Hooded oriole (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Jan 5 2021

Bird Puzzle Feeder: A New Way to Enjoy Your Garden

A "puzzle feeder" is a fun, novel way to observe and enjoy backyard birds. When given a challenge to solve, birds show persistence, determination, and how clever they are---or not. In my new video you’ll see nine different wild birds, from darling titmice to badass orioles. Find a list of simple, inexpensive supplies below.
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