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Debra talks Succulents on KPBS and NPR

KPBS and NPR with Debra Lee Baldwin

Debra’s recent appearance on KPBS has been making the rounds on both television and the Internet. Succulents are more popular than ever and San Diego is taking the lead in championing their success. If you are familiar with succulents, just getting into them or are here for something else, this information is pertinent to us all.


Watch the following, original video to learn more or click here to read the entire article!


Remember to check out Debra’s YouTube channel by clicking here. It’s filled with tons of great succulent content!



Debra Lee Baldwin, Garden Photojournalist, Author and Succulent Expert

Debra Lee Baldwin, Garden Photojournalist, Author and Succulent Expert

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4 replies
  1. Jo Tucjer
    Jo Tucjer says:

    I’m wanting some creative design to make a large layered succulent garden in a large dish planter on a stand in my garden in Melbourne Australia

  2. Maria Munoz
    Maria Munoz says:

    Debra, can you solve a mystery for many of us interested in eating nopales. They have been found to be very important in lowering blood sugar and are very nutritious. I know that Luther Burbank created a spineless nopale, but I believe that was for cattle fodder. Are there any sweet or sweetish noples with less spines for us more timid cooks? Southwestern cooks want to know.

  3. Debra
    Debra says:

    Yes, there are spineless varieties, but they’re not widely cultivated. And even those without spines may revert (new growth has spines, darn it!) As for flavor, it’s definitely an acquired taste. I have a lot of near-spineless opuntia in my garden, and I figure it’ll come in handy if there’s ever a famine. I haven’t tried harvesting it, but now you’ve got me thinking I should!


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