Gap Fillers for New Succulent Gardens

Ice plant and agave (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

A subscriber asks: “What should I do to fill garden gaps while waiting for succulents to get big? I’ve put in a variety and left room for future growth. How can I make my new garden look finished?” I have several ideas, but first…

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Succulent Driveway Essentials

Agave franzosinii, aloes, barrels, golden jade Succulent driveway (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

The succulent driveway essentials I’ve compiled here illustrate low-water, easy-maintenance options for driveway plantings throughout the Southwest. Loaded with ideas, you’ll find these tips, must-know’s, and 75-photo Gallery certain to inspire you.

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Hannah’s Stunning Succulent Reef

Hannah Eubanks succulent reef garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Hannah Eubanks, 24, shows us a stunning succulent reef garden she created for a client in Vista, CA. The youngest of three daughters of celebrity landscaper Laura Eubanks, Hannah expedited the project start-to-finish. “My mom was totally hand’s-off,” she says proudly.

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See a City Hacienda Succulent Garden

Succulent planter and spa (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Bright colors inspired by Mexican tile and Talavera pottery enhance an urban succulent oasis with a hacienda theme. See how owners have utilized minimal space, created inviting and practical living areas, muffled neighborhood noise, and maximized their privacy.

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Should You Use Weed Barrier Fabric?

Weed fabric in cactus garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

No doubt you’ve seen black fabric laid over bare soil with holes cut out for plants. But how important is it to use weed barrier fabric, really? What are the do’s and don’ts?

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See a Seven-Room Succulent Garden I Love

Pam and Tim Jara with Debra Lee Baldwin (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

This standard-sized back yard has 7 outdoor living areas: spa, bar/barbecue, dining, fireplace, vegetable garden, bonsai/mosaic garden, and fountain/aeonium garden. There are even more if you count…

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Succulent Slope Before & After

Streetside succulent garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

See a problem-solving, terraced succulent garden landscaped on a budget. Challenges include hillside erosion, large area, and steep grade. Before-and-after photos, video and plant gallery.

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Carolyn’s Dragon Tree Garden, Before-and-After

Carolyn Schaer garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

See a colorful, professionally done garden of low-water, regionally appropriate succulents, some unusual, many large, and all thriving today, seven years after installation. Includes designer tips, specs and gallery of 40+ plants.

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