Succulents with Fibonacci Spirals

Euphorbia inermis Fibonacci spiral (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Many cacti and succulents form geometric spirals similar to those of sunflowers, pine cones and nautilus shells. Spiral leaf arrangements funnel rainwater to roots and keep leaves from shading each other.

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Why You Should Grow Aloe Vera

Aloe vera leaf sliced (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Can you grow Aloe vera in your garden as an ornamental plant and harvest its medicinal leaves? Yes, but heed cautions below. This midsized succulent with tall, slender yellow flowers is famous for gel that soothes minor burns and skin irritations.

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Succulent Slope Before & After

Streetside succulent garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

See a problem-solving, terraced succulent garden landscaped on a budget. Challenges include hillside erosion, large area, and steep grade. Before-and-after photos, video and plant gallery.

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Discover 40 Kinds of Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe x houghtonii (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

I’m pleased to announce my new 15-minute YouTube video: “Kalanchoe Species and Cultivars: 40 varieties for your garden and pots.” In order to make sense of this highly diverse genus, I divided it into six categories: fuzzy, floriferous, mother of thousands (bryophyllums), paddles, tropicals and rarities.

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New Must-Have Agave Book

Agaves book cover

The new book, “Agaves: Species, Cultivars & Hybrids” by Jeremy Spath and Jeff Moore is a must-have for its images alone. Stunning photos capture the beauty and fierceness of these sculptural succulents in ways both artistic and definitive.  It’s a must-have for plant IDs

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Comfort Plant Benefits

Comfort plant

I’ve been informally testing the herbal benefits of a semi-succulent herb with velvety, juicy leaves. If you’ve been to my garden recently, Mama Debra has crushed and smeared the juice of “comfort plant” (Plectranthus amboinicus) on your bug bites, scrapes or—if you brought your dog—hot spots.

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