I’m in Architectural Digest! Sadly…

Sempervivum offsets (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

I’m in Architectural Digest!  Sadly, they didn’t interview me about design…which is a little disappointing because I wrote Designing with Succulents and was a regular contributor to Better Homes & Gardens and Sunset. That said, being in AD is a huge honor. Plus they used my photos (example above). The topic: How to propagate succulents…

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Join Me on Succulent Adventures with Annie

Annie Schreck, Debra Lee Baldwin

Join me and Annie Schreck, on-air host and researcher at Mountain Crest Gardens, on fun succulent adventures. I’m part of her Experts series! Annie’s delightful and succulent-savvy. Wait ’til you see our design projects, destinations and super cool finds!

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My Channel Passed 6,000,000+ Views! But…

Debra taking video (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Exciting news: My YouTube Channel has soared past 6,000,000 views! It’s free and all about enhancing your enjoyment and knowledge of succulents. I hope you’ll help me make it even more useful to you (read on).

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What I’m Doing While Staying Home

Finches at Debra's feeders (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

I’m home, and I’ll bet you are too. From my office I can see the red-and-blue glow of the living room TV, with talking heads and banner headlines. There’s a dreamlike quality to all this. So much, so fast. Call me crazy, but

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The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need

Karina Aldredge with Acacia baileyana

The only New Year’s resolution you or anyone really needs is effortless and costs nothing: Find beauty. In the new Sacred Elements Guidebook, author/photographer Karina Aldredge shows how momentary joys

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The Best Succulent Site EVER

Best succulent site

I’m so proud and pleased! I don’t think there’s anything like my redone, best-ever succulent site anywhere on the Internet, a claim I don’t make lightly.

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Succulents and Sass at Waterwise Botanicals

TThe 2019 Succulent Celebration was a giant, two-day party for succulent enthusiasts. Guests filled carts with perfectly grown plants, display gardens blazed with color, kids caught tadpoles, BBQ smoke scented the air, and the sounds of conversation and laughter were everywhere. Tom Jesch and I welcomed an enthusiastic audience to our presentation. On Saturday I…

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How to Redo an Overgrown Succulent Garden

Overgrown succulent garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Every three or four years I redo this succulent garden outside my office window. Last time was 1-1/2 years ago when I added the fountain. It’s an important view area because I spend so much time…uh…gazing outside instead of working. (I can’t help it. The fountain doubles as a bird bath.) In my YouTube video, How to Refresh an Overgrown Succulent Garden, I…

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Midwinter Succulent Show: Big Aloes In Bloom

Red Aloe ferox, stressed (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Above: Aloe ferox at Desert Theater nursery, Escondido, CA. From my video, Spectacular Aloes in Flower. Large, sculptural aloes with brilliant, Popsicle-like flowers make striking garden plants. Midwinter is peak aloe bloom season and an excellent time to see them in nurseries and landscapes. Aloe ferox, or Cape Aloe, might be considered a tree because of its height at maturity–6 to 8 feet with bloom…

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