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The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need

Karina Aldredge with Acacia baileyana

The only New Year’s resolution you or anyone really needs is effortless and costs nothing: Find beauty. In the new Sacred Elements Guidebook, author/photographer Karina Aldredge shows how momentary joys

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The Best Succulent Site EVER

Best succulent site

I’m so proud and pleased! I don’t think there’s anything like my redone, best-ever succulent site anywhere on the Internet, a claim I don’t make lightly.

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Succulents and Sass at Waterwise Botanicals

TThe 2019 Succulent Celebration was a giant, two-day party for succulent enthusiasts. Guests filled carts with perfectly grown plants, display gardens blazed with color, kids caught tadpoles, BBQ smoke scented the air, and the sounds of conversation and laughter were everywhere. Tom Jesch and I welcomed an enthusiastic audience to our presentation. On Saturday I…

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How Much Light Do Succulents Need?

Succulents and light

How much light do your succulents need? It depends on the type of plant and where you live. Most haworthias and gasterias prefer shade but can handle some sun along the coast. Many but not all cacti are fine in full desert sun. As a general rule, the majority of soft-leaved succulents want half a day’s sun (in mild climates) and dappled or “bright” shade.

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Midwinter Succulent Show: Big Aloes In Bloom

Above: Aloe ferox at Desert Theater nursery, Escondido, CA. From my video, Spectacular Aloes in Flower. Large, sculptural aloes with brilliant, Popsicle-like flowers make striking garden plants. Midwinter is peak aloe bloom season and an excellent time to see them in nurseries and landscapes. Aloe ferox, or Cape Aloe, might be considered a tree because of its height at maturity–6 to 8 feet with bloom…

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