Succulent Pests and Problems Q&A Forum

Mycoplasma on crassula (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Are pests or mysterious maladies causing problems with your succulents? This page is a forum for you to ask questions, leave comments and share what works for you. Others can see and benefit from the answers. Your own tried-and-true solutions are welcome, too! 

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Recognize This Polka-Dot Succulent Pest?

Endophyllum sempervivi

A succulent pest that dots leaves with raised bumps recently showed up in Oregon, on a sempervivum.  “Understandable if you audibly gasp,” wrote the collector who sent photos in the hope I could identify it and suggest treatment.

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Oh, No, My Succulents Froze!

Frost damaged aeonium (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Oh, no, my succulents froze! Not good: This morning the birdbath was solid ice and lemons had frozen on the tree. Even those succulents I’d covered have patchy areas indicating damaged tissue. Those not covered (above)

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How to Deal with Mealy Bugs on Succulents

Echeveria being sprayed (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

If you grow succulents, sooner or later you’ll deal with mealy bugs. For newbies, mealies often come as a surprise. Suddenly the plants are dotted and webbed with what looks like lint. Veterans are more vigilant. We check for

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Post-Summer Succulent Concerns

Dormant aeonium (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

After a brutal, early-September heat wave, I address ten common, post-summer succulent concerns. You’ll see them in my a new six-minute video: Post-Summer Care for Succulents (6:49). It’s a candid, warts-and-all, behind-the-scenes, damage-control tour.

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Ten Autumn Succulent Must-Do’s

Autumn succulent arrangement (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

These seasonal succulent must-do’s are mainly for southern and coastal CA, from the Bay Area south. If you live beyond, please visit my site’s Succulents By Season and Region page. 

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How to Manage Aloe Mite

Aloe mite (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

They seem everywhere in spring: mite-damaged aloes ranging from dwarf cultivars to tree ‘Hercules’. The microscopic pests (Eriophyes aloines) are not insects but spider relatives. They cause deformed flowers, a bubbly fringe on leaf edges, and orange-and-green growths where leaves meet stems. Aloe mite causes distorted, cancerous-like growth Google “aloe mite treatment,” “aloe mite prevention,” “aloe gall” or “aloe cancer,” and you’ll discover…

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Agave Snout Weevil Prevention and Treatment

Agave snout weevil damage (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Agave snout-nosed weevil is a half-inch-long black beetle with a downward-curving proboscis that enables it to pierce an agave’s core, where it lays its eggs. Grubs hatch, consume the agave’s heart, then burrow into the soil to pupate.

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