Succulents for Hawaii, Florida, Tropics

Kalanchoe prolifera (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Will succulents grow in tropical climates like Hawaii and Florida? You might assume so, considering succulents like the same conditions we do when on vacation: Plenty of sunshine, not too hot, breezy and balmy. However,

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Treat Your Agaves Before It’s Too Late

Agave damaged by snout-nose weevil (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

The agave snout-nosed weevil exists in greater numbers and is more active than ever before. Don’t wait for signs of infestation; take preventative measures now to protect your agaves, furcraeas, beaucarneas, nolinas, mangaves and yuccas.

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Succulent Lovers’ Favorite Tools

Joyce Chen scissors

Do you own the favorite tools of your fellow succulent lovers? Consider: We differ from other gardeners in that our prized plants can turn on us. Cacti, agaves, euphorbias and even aloes can act like dogs who resent having their nails trimmed. (I don’t know about yours, but my Chihuahua is a two-person job.)

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Post-Summer Succulent Concerns

Dormant aeonium (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

After a brutal, early-September heat wave, I address ten common, post-summer succulent concerns. You’ll see them in my a new six-minute video: Post-Summer Care for Succulents (6:49). It’s a candid, warts-and-all, behind-the-scenes, damage-control tour.

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Late Summer Succulent Care: Six Essentials

Agave 'Blue Flame' and dasylirion (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

These six late-summer care essentials for succulents come from my own experience with growing hundreds of varieties for decades. In my inland Southern CA garden, late summer heat can do as much damage than midwinter frosts. Below is what I do routinely every year.

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Don’t Let a Heat Wave Ruin Your Succulents

Sun and aloes (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

You have two options for protecting your succulents from heat waves that follow cool weather:
1. Move them. Of course this is only possible if they’re in pots. But don’t forget to do it! When sudden heat and sun hit, succulents that haven’t had time to acclimate may sunburn. There’s no reversing the resulting brown or beige patches. 

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Succulent Garden Maintenance: Tasks

Succulent garden tasks

Do these succulent garden maintenance tasks seasonally to keep your succulent garden healthy and looking good: Trim damaged or excessive growth
Prune succulents to show the beauty of the plants and keep them tidy. Use cuttings to

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Ten Tips for Establishing a Succulent Garden

George Tabora in his succulent garden

These ten tips for establishing a succulent garden are from “Celebrating the Joy of Succulents” newsletter subscriber George Tabora of Riverside, CA (between Los Angeles and Palm Springs). His tips are hard-won, based on trial and error.

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How Rain Benefits Succulents

Rain on agave (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Here’s how rain benefits succulents: It provides dissolved minerals and washes away dust that inhibits photosynthesis; it dilutes and flushes salts and harmful chemicals that have built up in the soil from tap water; and it provides nitrogen essential to growth,

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