A collector's boxful of cacti & succulents from the San Diego show

Enjoy My Fun, Informative Succulent Show-and-Sale Videos

The idea of making a video about San Diego's show-and-sale came from friend/collector Rick Bjorklund. Such events are a huge undertaking, and organizers and volunteers deserve accolades. Plus they have great tips to share.

I met up with Rick the day before the show during set-up and took photos and footage of anyone and anything interesting. Well, everyone and everything was, so instead of one video, I realized I needed to do more. The people and plants are so interesting, amazing and memorable!


Part 1: SHOW SET-UP & VENDORS Taken the day before the SDCSS winter show. You'll see growers, the succulents they're especially proud of, and a set-up that's "like a symphony.”

Part 2: SHOW & SALE DAY More plants, vendors and experts, plus numerous rare and beautiful specimens that shoppers have snapped up and happily discuss. So aglow are some, you'd think they'd bred those small striped agaves or cacti themselves.

Part 3: PLANT JUDGING & WINNERS. We eavesdrop on judges, see impressive plants on display, and view blue-ribbon specimens staged in stunning art pottery.


SDCSS Show Chairperson Chris Miller

Sales Chairperson Chris Miller is a haworthia expert and the group's V-P

You may spot yourself among the crowd if you were there, or your collector-friends. You'll definitely see experts you've heard of and---I'm betting---others you'll find equally fascinating.

Aloes and agaves from Altman Plants' tissue culture lab

For sale: Variegated aloes and agaves from Altman Plants' tissue culture lab. They originated with renowned hybridizer Kelly Griffin, past president of the SDCSS. In the third video of my series you'll see him in yet another role: judging plants members entered in the show.

A collector buys grafted cacti and haworthias at the SDCSS show

A collector's haul includes grafted cacti and haworthias

Part 4: THE ALLURE OF SUCCULENTS (coming soon). The delightfully erudite Steven Hammer of lithops fame holds forth on why succulents are sexy. Except he doesn't put it quite that way.

Shoppers and collectors at the San Diego CSS show in Balboa Park

Shoppers and collectors arrive at the San Diego CSS show in Balboa Park early for the best selection.

The SDCSS holds two shows annually. The big summer show takes place the first weekend in June at Casa del Prado in Balboa Park. Find details on my Shows and Sales page or the SDCSS website.

Casa del Prado, Balboa Park

For decades, Casa del Prado in historic Balboa Park has served as the venue for SDCSS shows, sales and meetings. Photo: San Diego Cactus & Succulent Society

See the blue-ribbon winners!

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San Diego Cactus & Succulent Show and Sale, vendor area (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

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