Floral style succulent gift basket of echeverias (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Echeverias: Succulent Roses That Last

Is any plant lovelier than a ruffled echeveria? These rosette succulents are soaring in popularity, and new cultivars are being introduced all the time. Look for echeverias throughout my books and in many of my videos.

An excellent online source of echeverias is family-owned Mountain Crest Gardens. Many of MCG's plants for containers and garden beds are available in assortments, as solo specimens, and (to a limited extent) as cuttings.

For expert advice to help you grow echeverias perfectly, with a gallery of 100+ beautiful, notable species and cultivars, go to my main Echeveria page. You'll learn about the plants' native habitat, optimal care, light and water requirements, flowering, soil, fertilizer, pests, and propagation.

We may have brides partly to thank for the popularity of echeverias in floral applications. Bouquets that match the blue of a bride's eyes, and come in hues of aqua, dove, lilac, silvery pink or celadon. Echeverias offer sentimental value, too:  They can be planted afterwards as living mementos of the occasion.

See my YouTube series featuring renowned Echeveria hybridizer and grower Dick Wright:
Echeverias #1: Meet Dick Wright

Echeverias #2: Dick Wright on Echeveria Hybrids (View photos of cultivars shown in this video on this site.)

Echeverias #3: Dick Wright on How to Grow Echeverias

Please Note: Dick Wright wants to thank everyone who has contacted him as a result of the YouTube series. He's been swamped with inquiries, so please be patient. "It's wonderful, but I can't keep up with them all," he says. Providing a list of plants is difficult because, "I don't know what we'll have from week to week." His son Kraig is often away, so "I'm a crew of one," Dick adds with a laugh. Moreover he had an accident---cut his finger and had to go to the ER---but he's doing fine. "I heal real fast." Dick turned 90 in Sept., 2018.

More About Echeverias ~

In My Books:

Designing with Succulents, pp. 208-211

Succulent Container Gardens, pp. 95-97

Succulents Simplified, pp. 162-169, Step-by-step: Make a Special Occasion Succulent Bouquet of Echeverias and Roses:

My Online Class: 

On my YouTube Channel: 



Floral style succulent arrangement (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Echeveria Info, Photos & Varieties

Echeveria Info, Photos & Varieties How to grow echeverias perfectly, plus an extensive gallery, all ID’d See All Succulent Types Aeonium Agaves Aloes Cactus Crassula Echeveria Euphorbias Ice Plants Kalanchoe Portulacaria Senecio About Echeverias Here you’ll find expert advice to help you grow echeverias perfectly, with a gallery of 150+ beautiful, notable species and cultivars.…

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    I want to share this article, & its included videos, with other gardeners . . . but, have just noticed that the video’s audios are mostly static. I can’t understand what is being said at all, as the voices are muffled (& sometimes worse) by it. I hope something can be done to fix it, as I’m sure we’d all benefit from hearing what they’re sharing!!! (;

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      Hi Pam — Audio is always a challenge for me. I don’t know how to diagnose the issues you’re experiencing, but I do know (with no small sense of relief) that the videos have had thousands of views with no complaints.

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