Succulent Landscaping Trends

Succulent Landscape with rocks (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

As the author of two editions of Designing with Succulents ten years apart, I’m sort of obsessed with the evolution of succulent landscaping. Here’s what designers and homeowners are discovering that works and (perhaps more importantly) what doesn’t. These top six trends—call them preferences, if you like—may surprise you. Yucca gloriosa ‘Bright Star’. Design by Gardefacts, Santa Barbara. 1. About as many rocks as…

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Ten Top Trends for Succulent Plants, Gardens and Design

Apr. 24, 2018 ~ If it seems that succulents are moving at warp speed in the world of gardens, nurseries and designers, they are. And as a journalist, I’m ON it. My predictions for succulent plants, gardens and design will help you stay on top of trends and maybe even make money from the plants you love. Btw, I wrote this before…

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