Annie Schreck, Debra Lee Baldwin

Join Me on Succulent Adventures with Annie

Coming here was part of the effervescent Annie's southern succulent adventures. Above: Annie interviewed me for Mountain Crest's video series featuring succulent experts. Below: This viewer's comment made my heart sing.

Debra Lee Baldwin

come Succulenting with Annie and me! 

Join me and Annie Schreck, on-air host and researcher at Mountain Crest Gardens, for a video series of succulent adventures. In the video above, Annie and I discuss how and why succulents became superstars in the garden and floral world.

Much more ahead!

During their week in San Diego, I took Annie and Jeremy-the-videographer to top succulent destinations (some well known, some not). We also filmed succulent design projects. Our discoveries and DIYs will be either on MCG's YouTube channel or on mineSubscribe to both so you won't miss a single one!

Annie Schreck, Brandon Bullard

What the...? Who? Where? Hang with us and find out!

Why Annie + Me

Mountain Crest Gardens nursery, with which I'm proudly affiliated, is the largest mail-order succulent supplier. No surprise Annie knows small, cold-climate and indoor succulents extremely well. I'm proficient with in-ground varieties that don't go much below freezing. We happily overlap in the realm of container gardening.

Why San Diego?

What brought Annie from far northern CA to the Epicenter of All Things Succulent? For one, to see how big the plants get. What starts out in a 3-inch pot in MCG's greenhouses may in coastal Southern CA become immense in 20 years. Good to know.

Where did we go?

Not to spoil surprises, but you'll find a list of San Diego (and beyond) succulent destinations on my site. It gives 50 nurseries, public gardens and streetside gardens (and no, we didn't do them all!). Descriptions help you winnow your choices.

I've noted with an asterisk must-sees if you...

  • only have a few days
  • want an hour or more of memorable exploring
  • want something easy-to-find
  • have a companion indifferent to succulents (!) but likely to enjoy great settings with lots to see.

Coming Up!

Video footage professionally edited by MCG's team presents the best bits and expert tips. As always, our goal is  to entertain and enlighten you, and to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of succulents.

Remember to subscribe to both MCG's channel and mine so you won't miss a single new release. See you soon!

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