Hanging succulent globes (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Visit Pigment, San Diego’s Chic Succulent Boutique

In this new video, I take you to Pigment, a sophisticated urban gift-and-décor boutique. Pigment's simple-but-sophisticated pots frame succulents perfectly. Colors range from intense hues to white, cream and pastels.

Teal pots w succulents (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Teal pots with succulents

There are three Pigment stores in San Diego: North Park, Point Loma, and Del Mar. (No disclaimer needed: I'm not being paid to promote Pigment.)

The shop began in 2007. Owner Amy Paul is an artist and college professor specializing in color theory. And color is what Pigment is all about.

Baby at Pigment (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

This pair are waiting for mom to finish shopping.

Many customers are young professionals living in apartments and condos with no space for gardening. Succulents are often their pets, and they want containers that add color and personality to interiors, and that frame plants perfectly.

Succulent planted heads

Succulent planted heads

Each store offers a plant-your-own potting bar and design assistance. There’s also an outdoor sitting area with assorted small succulents for sale.

Succulents under glass

When I did an article for Better Homes & Gardens about Pigment’s hanging succulent globes, I also made an impromptu succulent terrarium video that shows their method.

Succulent terrarium

Succulent terrarium at Pigment

Here's the how-to-make-a-terrarium video:

Pigment as Destination

Pigment is a destination for people walking their dogs, parents pushing strollers, mom-daughter shopping excursions, and girlfriend meet-ups.

Succulent potting bar at Pigment (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Succulent potting bar

You never know what you’ll see. The displays and merchandise change like a shifting kaleidoscope.

So, which pots and colors do you like best? Tell us in the comments below!

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