Debra Lee Baldwin with Echeveria imbricata and climbing roses (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Create a “Flower” Bed with Rosette Succulents

Easy-care rosette succulents resemble flowers and bloom beautifully too! Use them to create the look of a flowerbed without all the care and maintenance flowerbeds require.

In the Idea Gallery below, see many marvelous images of garden beds, pots and planters full of rosette succulents. All photos have main succulents ID’d. May they spark your creativity and help you enhance your own outdoor spaces!

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Tips for Creating a “Flower” Bed with Succulents

  • Use rosette succulents—those with leaves arranged like a daisy, rose or star.
  • Plant densely for a lush look. Flowerbeds look best when plants interweave.
  • Use a dramatic large rosette for contrast and a focal point.
  • Know how big plants get. Use dwarf agaves, for example, not century plants.
  • Combine variegates and use them to brighten shady spots.
  • Contrast blue with orange, green with red, yellow with purple, darks with lights.
  • Rather than gravel, fill gaps with small sedums, dymondia, or blue fescue.
  • Echeverias are the ultimate rosette succulents. They're generally best in pots.
  • In large beds, include soft-leaved foxtail agaves (Agave attenuata).
  • Combine and repeat aeoniums. It’s magical when their pinwheel leaves overlap.
  • For a natural, uncontrived look, arrange succulents in drifts, not straight lines.

Rosette Succulents Idea Gallery


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