Succulent flower garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

A Succulent Flower Garden by Linda Bresler

Recently I visited a succulent garden by designer Linda Bresler with many more flowers than most. The front and side yards of the home of Tom and Sharon James in Poway, CA, billow with succulent blooms. These overlap succulents with colorful foliage such as red Kalanchoe luciae (flapjack plant), bright yellow Senecio nussbaumerianum, and Crassula ovata 'Hummel's Sunset' (golden jade).

I made a video so you can see and enjoy it too: A Succulent Flower Garden Designed by Linda Bresler (5:15).

Also noteworthy in the garden are dry creek beds that double as pathways. These enhance the overall design with rounded river rocks that lend pleasing shapes and texture contrasts. Such serpentine beds visually break up drifts of flowers and lead the eye into the garden. Another benefit: "Succulents don't like wet feet," Linda says, "so planting areas that slope upward alongside the creek beds enhance drainage."

Crassulaskalanchoesaloes and lesser-known succulents bloom now, in midwinter, in coastal and southern CA. The lavish show lasts through spring---especially when, like this year, temperatures are mild and rain is ample. Most succulent flowers, though long-lasting, do need deadheading eventually. Linda advises post-bloom pruning to encourage new growth, fullness, "and to repeat the flower show next year."

Succulents in flower now (see many in the video too):

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Colorful Succulent Garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

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