Bizarre Succulents

Pseudolithos migiurtinus (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

To me, a bizarre succulent is one that suggests something it’s not in an eerie way—i.e. a cancerous growth, reptile or body part. When I take a second look and ponder what on earth it is, I experience a deliciously unsettling ah-ha (or bwa-ha-ha) moment.

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Ten Edible Succulents and How to Prepare Them

Dragon fruit edible succulent (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

These ten edible succulents can go from garden to kitchen. Most are fairly easy to obtain, cultivate and prepare. The mucilaginous (goopy) texture of certain edible succulents makes them—to spin it positively—great in soups and stews. Vitamin C is

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Fuzzy Kalanchoes: Varieties, Uses, Tips

Fuzzy Kalanchoe tomentosa up close

I’m eager to share with you my fondness for fuzzy kalanchoes. The varieties and design uses of these unusual succulents are diverse and wonderful. Included are important tips to ensure your success.

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Which Shade Succulents Are Best for You?

Sansevieria, fan-shaped (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

You requested more info on low-light succulents, and I happily complied. I’ve added a Shade Succulents page to my site and created a YouTube video of the same name. My site’s new Shade Succulents Gallery shows a whopping 80+ varieties, many growing in my own climate-challenged garden.

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Grow Shade-Loving Fairy Crassula

Crassula multicava flowers (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Fairy crassula (Crassula multicava) is a great succulent ground cover for shade. In winter, like jade (Crassula ovata), it has dainty star-shaped, pinkish-white flowers. Here are 15+ reasons to grow it in your garden.

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Plant an Echeveria Garden in Pots

Potted echeveria garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Echeverias do great in containers, so why not plant an echeveria garden all in pots? Because echeverias have great color, symmetry and resemble fleshy flowers, my own potted collection suggests an exotic flower garden.

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See Debra’s Idea-Filled Garden

Debra Lee Baldwin garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Welcome to my site’s “Debra’s Garden” page. This is where you’ll find photos of plants in my half-acre succulent garden, as shown in my recently released, 15-min. video:” See My Idea-Filled Succulent Spring Garden.” The video came about as a result of my garden looking amazingly beautiful after a rainy April here

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How Succulents Combat Global Warming

Portulacaria afra in ground (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

When you grow succulents in your garden, you’re helping combat global warming.  The plants are especially efficient at scrubbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  It has to do with

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How to Behead and Replant Echeverias

Fancy ruffled echeveria

Fancy ruffled echeverias—those large, flowerlike succulents—eventually need to be beheaded and the rosettes replanted. This is a bother, but it comes with a benefit: New clones will form on old, headless stalks. But not always. Here’s how to ensure success.

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Meet Snake-Leaved Medusa Succulents

Euphorbia inermis or Euphorbia esculenta

This essential info on medusoid euphorbias (snake-leaved plants) is from “Spiny Succulents: Euphorbias, cacti, and other sculptural succulents,” by renowned nurseryman Jeff Moore, owner of Solana Succulents near San Diego. I highly recommend his brand new book.

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Super Fall Succulents

Agave 'Snow Glow' (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Those plants that made the final cut are lovely year-round, especially in autumn. These tall, medium and low succulents combine to create a balanced, aesthetically pleasing landscape. And if you have an entire yard to fill, they’re wonderful repeated.

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