Lampranthus aurantiacus, Drosanthemum floribundum (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Succulent Ice Plants, Gallery and Video

Spring is the time to select ice plants so you know what you're getting. 

Announcing my new Ice Plant Page and Video!

The brilliantly beautiful succulent ice plants you'll see in the new page on this site and new video thrive in Zones 8-11. They come in eye-popping hues of purple, pink, lavender, rose-red, bright red, gold, orange and yellow.

In both the new page and new video, you'll find out how to effectively use ice plants in your garden and landscape, and see how beautifully they combine with other succulents and low-water flowering plants.

These cultivars and species of Drosanthemum and Lampranthus create vivid living bouquets. They're the daytime equivalent of neon lights!

Enjoy and discover:

  • A gallery of 50+ design ideas featuring ice plants
  • Which annuals and perennials look amazing with them
  • The ice plant that's lasted 30+ years in my garden
  • How to prune ice plants (and why you should)
  • How to ruin a perfectly good ice plant
  • Which one is terrific for containers
  • Which ice plant variety is notorious, and why
  • How to ensure that ice plants look their best
  • What ice plants MUST have in order to bloom
  • Why you no longer see red apple ice plant
  • Which cultivar blooms on-and-off all year
  • Why ice plants are called "mesembs."

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Lampranthus aurantiacus, Drosanthemum speciosum (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Ice Plant Uses, Photos and IDs

Ice Plant Uses, Photos, and Varieties What you need to know to successfully select and grow ice plants. Gallery of warm-climate varieties, all ID’d See All Succulent Types Aeonium Agaves Aloes Cactus Crassula Echeveria Euphorbias Ice Plants Kalanchoe Portulacaria Senecio See the Video About Ice plants Succulent ice plants have in common shimmering, daisylike flowers.…

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