Agave 'Snow Glow' (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Super Fall Succulents

It's been challenging to pick plants for my "Super Succulents for Your Garden" presentation this Sat., Oct. 12, at Laguna Beach's Smartscape Expo (306 Third St., 8 to 2). There are so many possibilities!

Those plants that made the final cut look especially lovely in the autumn garden. These tall, medium and low succulents combine to create a balanced, aesthetically pleasing landscape. And if you have an entire front yard to fill, they're wonderful repeated. Top-dress with crushed rock and you're done.

I chose representatives of various genera, including Aeonium, Echeveria, Agave, Kalanchoe, Crassula, and Aloe. You'll also find them in my Top Seven Best Succulents, a .pdf exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. (If you're not yet receiving "Celebrating the Joy of Succulents," it's a weekly gift to my fans and followers. You're welcome to sign up on the Home page. Free.) 

View the plants in short videos

Recently I posted videos to Instagram and Facebook that feature those succulents on my Top 7 list that I'll also talk about at the Expo.

Golden (or "sunset") jade

I love sunset jade, but it needs full sun to stay yellow. In the video I share a simple way to boost a plant's UV exposure.

Join me at the Expo!

I’m presenting “Super Succulents for Your Garden” at 10:00 at the tenth annual SmartScape Expo, Sat, Oct. 12, 8 to 2, at 302 Third St. in lovely downtown Laguna Beach, CA. Come for great ideas for your waterwise Southern CA garden. Before and after my presentation, I’ll be at the book table, signing my books and happy to answer your questions. Hosted by the Laguna Beach County Water District. Free.

Where to find the plants

Aloe brevifolia

Aloe nobilis

Beaucarnea recurvata

Agave 'Blue Glow' -- Oasis Water Efficient Gardens, Waterwise Botanicals

Sunset (golden) jade 




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  1. Shirley Graham on November 4, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    Thank you for always giving us info and resources to aid in ones quest to grow succulents successfully.
    I love that you help us see all the beauty that succulents offer from colors, to shapes, to growth patters, to pairings. From the seemingly simple to more ornate succulents. Who knew … right?
    When I loose a succulent… I have to say I’m truly bummed about it.
    So again ….thank you for helping me see the beauty in succulents.
    I have a question… I have a Blue Agave where the leaves are turning yellow. I’ve changed locations… I’ve cut back on watering… I’ve added a little more water.
    What is wrong with my beauty? I don’t wanna lose em.
    Thank you!

    • Debra Lee Baldwin on November 4, 2019 at 8:13 pm

      Hi Shirley — Thank you for such a glowing comment! Leaves on agaves don’t normally turn yellow. I’m afraid I’d need more info before I could help: type of agave (there are a lot of “blue” ones), where it’s located (in your home in a pot, out in the garden), and anything else that might be helpful. Did you check it for pests? If it’s not overly large or spiny, I’d dig it up or unpot it, wash it thoroughly—get all the soil off the roots—remove anything (roots, leaves) that looks unhealthy, and repot in fresh soil. Don’t water it for a week, and then only enough to barely moisten the soil. Beginning in spring, water it thoroughly once a month.

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