What I’m Doing While Staying Home

Finches at Debra's feeders (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

I’m home, and I’ll bet you are too. From my office I can see the red-and-blue glow of the living room TV, with talking heads and banner headlines. There’s a dreamlike quality to all this. So much, so fast. Call me crazy, but

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The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need

Karina Aldredge with Acacia baileyana

The only New Year’s resolution you or anyone really needs is effortless and costs nothing: Find beauty. In the new Sacred Elements Guidebook, author/photographer Karina Aldredge shows how momentary joys

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The Best Succulent Site EVER

Best succulent site

I’m so proud and pleased! I don’t think there’s anything like my redone, best-ever succulent site anywhere on the Internet, a claim I don’t make lightly.

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Sunset’s Midcentury Succulent Cover Story

“Once in the ’90s and again in the late ’20s, gardeners have turned to succulents with an intensity amounting to a craze. Now they are coming back into favor again, and this time it looks like something more than a temporary infatuation.” — Sunset magazine, June, 1954* Fifty years ago, each hefty, half-inch-thick issue of Sunset magazine cost 20…

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Meet Debra Lee Baldwin: Author, Designing with Succulents

San Diego Voyager: Today we’d like to introduce you to Debra Lee Baldwin. Thanks for sharing your story with us Debra. So, let’s start at the beginning. Where did you grow up? I grew up on an avocado ranch in south Escondido on a hilltop overlooking San Pasqual Valley. As a child, I helped my father…

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Gerhard Bock’s Q & A with Debra Lee Baldwin

Davis, CA garden blogger Gerhard Bock has the precise mind of a scientist, the sweet demeanor of a teddy bear, the photo skills of a magazine photographer, the wit of a TV show host, and a love of succulents comparable to mine. His “Succulents and More” blog is one of the few I subscribe to,…

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