Floral style succulent arrangement (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

150 Ideas for Pots of Rosette Succulents

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Enjoy and find inspiration in this gallery of 150+ floral-style potted arrangements featuring rosette succulents. Each is a living bouquet.

All have in common the lush, colorful look of flower arrangements, but consist of rooted succulents with floral shapes---like echeverias, aeoniums and sedums. I call such combos "bouquets with lasting power."

Because no soil shows, floral-style succulent arrangements don't need topdressing to conceal bare spots. As for containers, nearly anything will work, from high-end art pots to coffee mugs. You can get by without drainage if you're careful not to overwater, but it's best to drill a hole. It's easy; see my video, How to Drill Holes in Nondraining Containers (3:10).

Find step-by-step instructions on how to compose a floral-style succulent arrangement in my post Plant a Pot with Colorful Rosette Succulents and the corresponding YouTube video.

For additional tips and ideas, see my book Succulent Container Gardens, my Pinterest page Succulent Chic, my YouTube Succulent Container Gardening playlist, and this site's Succulent Container Design resource page.

Most floral-style arrangements look good for a year or so before needing to be pulled apart and redone. If your potted combo has gotten leggy, watch How to Refresh an Overgrown Succulent Container Garden (4:32).

BluPrint Class, Stunning Succulent Arrangements

Color Wheel from my BluPrint Class, Stunning Succulent Arrangements

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Where to buy rosette succulents online

Mountain Crest Gardens

Gallery of Floral-Style Succulent Arrangements

This gallery showcases floral-style succulent arrangements by myself and designers I admire. Feel free to share them. If you see a mistake or omission, do let me know.

Succulent Container Garden (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Succulent Container Design

Succulent Container Design Design ideas and must-dos for beautiful, easy-care potted succulents Here you’ll find info on succulent container design in articles and videos. Scroll down to see what interests you and best meets your needs. Click to see my gallery of 150+ floral-style arrangements! Succulent Container Gardens, How-To Welcome to the most comprehensive info…

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  1. Hannah Anbar on June 29, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    I am honored that you chose the container garden that I made in one of your Weidner’s Garden classes last year, to include in your collection (It’s the one with the label just visible on the side of the pot)! I still have it- except that the bunnies have had their way with the senecio, and it’s gotten a little too bushy. 🙂 Thank-you.

    • Debra Lee Baldwin on June 29, 2019 at 4:01 pm

      I’m glad to know it’s yours and will add the credit. Thanks, Hannah.

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