My Bird-Feeder Hobby

It may surprise you that my hobby is making bird feeders for my garden from repurposed objects. Most of my bird feeders are elegant and pretty, which is my preference. But a silly one—made from a brand-new bra (not mine, it’s way too big, ha)—went viral on Facebook and has had 26,000,000 views. Yep. Twenty-six. MILLION.

It’s a perfect example of how combining disparate items—in this case birds and bras—creates a third concept that transcends the two. And because it’s amusing, never-seen-before and a bit risqué, people have shared it to a fare-thee-well. If only I’d made even a penny per view!
I love to watch wild birds interacting with airy feeders, so I’ll often use wire bird cages. I think it’s fascinating (and ironic) to see wild birds try to squeeze their way into a cage. This one, which is both ornamental cage AND candle holder, is outside my office window. It’s one of several repurposed candle holders that have multiple glass votive holders filled with birdseed.
Above: “Staircase” candle holder ornamental birdcage, about $35 from Amazon. I spray-painted it off-white. 

Want to see more, and maybe make some bird feeders for your own garden? Watch my YouTube video, Eight Creative Bird Feeders for Your Garden. And even if you’re not into my odd hobby of creating bird feeders, I promise you’ll enjoy the dozen different kinds of wild birds who come to mine.

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