Indoor dish garden

Dish Gardens Bring Gardening Inside for the Winter

“Dish Gardens Bring Gardening Inside for the Winter” is the headline of a recent Associated Press* succulent story. Reporter Dean Fosdick interviewed me because, as he writes, “indoor gardens, with their miniature, low-maintenance plants, thrive in small spaces, and that makes them a natural fit for succulents.”

Indoor dish garden

Indoor dish garden

Quotes from the article:

— “Thanks to their intriguing forms and ease of care, succulents are replacing African violets as the plants of choice for indoor gardens,” said Debra Lee Baldwin, author of “Designing With Succulents” (Timber Press, revised second edition).
— “For a windowsill, a pot that fits into your cupped hands is perfect.”
— “If using a tall or deep container, fill it half full with empty plastic water bottles, tightly capped. You won’t waste soil that the plants don’t need and that might even compromise their health by holding moisture that causes rot. Plus the pot will weigh less.”
— Much of the fun in growing succulents is their adaptability, Baldwin said. “Give them adequate light, good air circulation and fast-draining soil and you can grow succulents in a pair of socks.”
Why I put plastic bottles in big pots
Any of those might be a launching point for an article, but perhaps the most useful is the empty-bottle idea. I use plastic bottles to make large pots lighter before I add potting soil. It makes pots easier to carry, cuts down on the amount of soil needed, and is better for shallow-rooted succulents. Before I plant any tall or large pot, I half-fill it with… [continue reading].
*The Associated Press is a US-based news agency headquartered in NYC. The article appeared in the Washington Post and other media.

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