Succulent headband class (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Trim Hats and Headbands with Succulents


Can you trim a hat or headband with succulents? Yes, and it's easy! Below you'll find a simple DIY technique for adding succulents to hats, headbands, cuff bracelets, decorative hair combs, ball caps, and more.

This method is based on the “moss and glue” technique originated by designer Laura Eubanks, who also pioneered the succulent-topped pumpkin. Basically, If you can glue moss to an object, you can glue succulents to it.
Succulent hair band

These wearable floral art pieces will last a couple of months if you spritz them occasionally to hydrate the moss. Cuttings root through the glue into the moss. You may even see threadlike roots form! At any time you can remove the cuttings and start them in soil.

Mother-daughter project with succulents

Making succulent hair ornaments is a great parent-child project (and grandmother-granddaughter).

Wait! Hot glue on live plants?!

Yes. I have no idea why I can't touch hot glue without getting a blister, but succulents are fine.


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Succulent hair band

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana flowers are long-lasting

Best and worst succulents

Best succulents for headbands (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Best succulents for headbands

Obviously you don't want anything that's spiny or spiky, and rosette succulents are ideal. However you'll likely be frustrated if you use these, because their leaves pop off easily:

Succulents that fall apart easily (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Plump leaves detach easily


Don't stress over doing it perfectly. You're basically re-interpreting the corsage. At any time you can remove items and start over!

Succulent headband with string of pearls

Succulent headband with string of pearls (side view)

  • Prepare your floral material, keeping rosettes small (mostly an inch or less).
  • If need be, remove stems and lower leaves of rosette succulents to keep them dainty, compact, and flat on their undersides.
  • Glue a layer of moss to the headband, stopping several inches from each end.
  • Trim stray bits of moss and strings of glue with scissors.


Succulent headband (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

Leave the last few inches of the headband uncovered so it fits behind your ears.

  • Work in sections so the glue doesn't dry before you're ready.
  • Optional: Add a trailing succulent that'll cascade down your hair, behind one ear. Conceal the tops of its stems beneath items you add next.
  • Glue trailers and focal points rosette on the side opposite the part in your hair.
  • Use a larger (1-1/2 inch) succulent rosette as the focal point.
  • Surround and frame the main rosette, like a corsage, with smaller items.
  • Fill in with more succulents, seashells, silk butterflies, and/or flower clusters.
  • Less is more. Succulents can be heavy, and you don't want them to tumble off.
  • If glue dries before you can attach something, pick off the cold glue and start over.
  • Try not to flex the headband. It can make glued items unstable.

idea Gallery

Garden hat decorated with succulents by Laura Balaoro for Better Homes & Gardens (c) Debra Lee Baldwin

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